Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Little Hoot Lines #3

I've taken the liberty to stack up some more of my favorite expulsions from RR - can't help but share more of them with you. May you enjoy our "Little Hoot" as much as I have.

On examining a newly found pine cone at Niagara Falls, RR lifts it up and wiggles one of the little pieces. "Look", she exclaims. "It has a loose tooth!"

While Mom was purchasing ferry tickets to go see the Statue of Liberty, RR saw a picture of the statue on display. RR said, "Mommy, we don't even need to go outside to see the Statue of Liberty, it's RIGHT HERE!"

While visitng the observation deck in the Statue of Liberty, everyone could hear a very loud band playing across the water for an event. RR exclaimed, "Mom, they're gonna blast their earballs!"

Sometimes Rachel get a phrase just a little bit off. One time, RJ was doing some schoolwork, and, RR says…”RJ, If you want to do it now, you need to do it now”. RRM says…”I’m sorry RR, I need to do my school”. RR says, “OK, shoot yourself”.

RR was running around with a willow branch in her hands that had little loop at the end. She was frantically chasing ducks at the time. We asked her what she was doing, and, she said, “Look Mommy, I’m going to catch ducks!”

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